Who we are

Shipping Brazil is a bridge that connects two large economies together. We are focused on gathering the right expertise and building the necessary networks to make the trade between Brazil and Europe seamless.

Shipping Brazil is the UK based Brazilian company that specialises in facilitating the trade between the UK, European Union and Brazil. The teams that work at our offices in London and Rio de Janeiro provide comprehensive logistics and consulting solutions to our clients on both sides of the Atlantic. We are set to facilitate the process of exportation by putting all the necessary resources for trade between Brazil and the EU including thorough knowledge of tax, customs and logistic environments in both economies.

Shipping Brazil came into existence as a result of a joint venture between two leading logistics companies, one in Brazil and the other in the UK. Typically, our clients are the businesses wanting to move goods to or from Brazil. We support them by providing them with consulting services, cost calculation, organising the necessary logistic resources and generally supporting them at every stage of the exportation / importation process.

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What we are best at

The UK’s top shipping company specialised in shipping from and to Brazil

There aren't many shipping companies in the UK like us. We are focused on delivering outstanding service for customers trading between Brazil, UK and European Union. We possess assets as…

Comprehensive customs clearance service in Brazil and in Europe

From our experience, the logistic aspect of transfer of cargo between Brazil and Europe is easy. The real challenge is to deliver goods on time without the delays at the…

We can collect and deliver from anywhere in the European Union to anywhere in Brazil

Shipping Brazil is a joint joint venture between one of the best Brazilian freight forwarders and and Europe's fastest road freight transportation company. Together we established a system that allows…

Our Customer Service Team

Michael Pawlicki

Michael is in charge of our office in London. Previously Michael worked for IKEA UK and after completing his master's degree at Imperial College Business School, Michael went to work for VanOne, the International Removals company to help them to establish good practice of customer service. If your journey starts in Europe, Michael will be taking care of your service and keep you informed throughout the shipping and customs clearance process. For more information about what is offered by our customer in Europe, please visit the home page of Shipping Brazil website.

Marcus Nascimento

Marcus studied at the University of Santa Catarina in Brazil the Public Administration and Taxes and worked for the Brazilian tax office ‘Receita Federal’ for over six years. Now employed at Shipping Brazil he oversees all the bureaucratic aspects of our work including the customs clearance. Marcus is going to help you to fill in all the necessary paperwork for the Brazilian tax authorities and ensure that there are no delays caused.

João Carvalho Shipping Brazil
João Carvalho

In charge of a Brazilian office. Previously worked for the DB Brazil now is taking care of all our operations in Brazil including customs clearances, customer contact team and coordinating work of over 20 HGV drivers in Brazil. If your order starts in Brazil you are likely to talk to João. João Carvalho will keep you informed about the progress of your order and will ensure that everything goes according to the plan. For more information about the services we offer from Brazil please browse the home page of Shipping Brazil website.

Adam Novak Shipping Brazil
Adam Novak

Previously Adam worked as a head of logistic operations at Acus. He now oversees the work of over forty drivers at Shipping Brazil. Normally during the working hours, he spends most of his time talking over the phone making sure that deliveries are completed in a timely manner. Adam will not hesitate to put extra pressure on our customs officers to push your cargo through the port.


Why Choose Us

Shipping Brazil is like a conveyor belt. We ship goods both directions non-stop and by doing so we achieve the economies that are necessary for low-cost per tonne.
We collect from anywhere in the EU using our fleet of over 40 lorries and vans.
We can deliver to all addresses in Brazil using our fleet of heavy duty vehicles in Brazil.
Our office team are trained and have many years of experience in dealing with even the most complex customs clearance cases.
We appreciate the importance of good communication in logistics. We promise to keep you informed about the progress of your order.
We offer our customer service in English, Portuguese and few other European languages.

Our Standards

We believe that good communication between the client and the shipping company is necessary for a smooth and fast service.

The system we put in place covers all the logistics aspects of freight transportation as well as the quality of communication between our staff and our clients. As our customer, you will be kept informed about the whereabouts of your cargo and the progress of your customs clearance application.

Our Principles

We are proud of our logistics system but at the same time are aware that no system is perfect.

For this reason we treat every customer and their needs individually and using our experience recommend the right and the most cost-effective ways of shipping to or from Brazil.

We accept nearly 93% of the request we receive from our Brazilian and European customers.

There are circumstances in which we can consider shipping certain kind of goods as too risky. We therefore never promise to our clients anything that we can’t deliver.

Local customs and laws must always be respected.

Shipping Brazil is a responsible freight forwarder. We always adhere to the local customs and laws in Brazil and in European countries.

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